Dewalt Bare-Tool DC608B Brad Nailer Review

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Dewalt Bare-Tool DC608B Brad Nailer Review
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Dewalt Bare-Tool 18-Volt Cordless 18 Gauge Brad Nailer

You need a great brad nailer; and though you may not have used many, you cannot find what you are looking for until you pick up the Dewalt Bare-Tool DC608B 18-Volt Cordless 18-Gauge Brad Nailer. I certainly know what it takes to find a solid brad nailer, and I refuse to settle for second best on anything. With that said, I recommend this brad nailer above many others, and the reasons will soon become quite clear.

Fine Features

Although this tool does not come with the XRP battery, they are not easy to find. DEWALT sells batteries for your convenience, and they all come with a 2-year service contract. Also coming with the XRP Dewalt cordless system is a contact trip lock-off which renders the trigger useless when it is not in use. This really helps keep accidents from happening, while ensuring that you can enjoy the fine features of your own Dewalt Bare-Tool 18-Volt Cordless 18-Gauge Brad Nailer without worry.

In addition, you will be able to easily access the nosepiece without having to get out the wrenches and screwdrivers, especially when it came time to remove any jammed nails, which only happened once. The efficient engine design allows you to work as fast as your will would take you; and the sequential operation mode makes it possible for precision placement. The bump operating mode provides you with the ability to work at nearly the speed of a production line without incident.

DEWALT DC608B 18-Volt Cordless 2-Inch 18 Gauge Brad Nailer review

DEWALT DC608B 18-Volt Cordless 2-Inch 18 Gauge Brad Nailer

Check Price of the DEWALT DC608B 18-Volt Cordless 2-Inch 18 Gauge Brad Nailer

Power and Performance

You are able to secure 5 brads per second with the Dewalt Bare-Tool DC608B 18-Volt Cordless 18-Gauge Brad Nailer, and your range of nail sizes you could use is quite broad. You could use 18-gauge nails ranging from 5/8-inch in length all the way to the 2-inch varieties. Indeed, you will be surprised by how versatile, convenient, and powerful this tool ended up being. The durable 18-Volt engine made it possible for you to complete multiple projects without having to stop frequently to recharge.

This pneumatic brad nailer only weighs 7.4 pounds, so there is no workers’ fatigue to worry about if you decide to use yours until it dies. The box-style magazine holds 110 brads, depending on the size of course; and the whole thing is specially designed to keep out the dust and debris that accumulates at your work space. Once you recharge the battery (and yourself), you will be right back to doing things like installing baseboards, crown molding, fixing cabinets, and replacing trim.

The Verdict Is In

All in all, the Dewalt Bare-Tool DC608B 18-Volt Cordless 18-Gauge Brad Nailer is one of the best tools you will use for your projects. I would recommend that you try one out for yourself, especially if you are in the market for something new, modern, and easier to use. Although the battery is not included, you will not be disappointed in the performance of your tool once you install one. Dewalt carries with it a solid reputation that you will soon come to understand.

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