How To Choose The Best Brad Nailer

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How To Choose The Best Brad Nailer

How To Choose The Best Brad Nailer

Brad nailers (also referred to as pin nailers or tack nailers) can be one of the more important tools you have in your workshop, especially you’re looking to do lightweight construction, furniture repair or restoration, or have a number of DIY projects that require relatively small – but strong – fasteners.

Unlike many of the more traditional airgun nailers, a brad nailer is only capable of shooting tiny little finish nails or “brads”, most often used in crafts, furniture, upholstery, or lightweight DIY projects. There definitely useful when you are using lightweight construction materials and wood, but it’s critical that you invest in the right kind of nailer before moving forward.

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Understand exactly what you’re going to want to use your Brad nailer for

The very first thing you’re going to need to take care of is understanding exactly what you’re going to be using your brand-new brad nailer for in the first place. Really outlining the different kinds of projects that you’re going to tackle with your nailer will help you to understand what kinds of features you need to invest in which kinds of features you can ignore, and give you an even better idea of how much money you should be looking to spend on this project in the first place.

Different neighbors are created for different kinds of projects, even when you start to get into the sub-category of brad nailers. Some brad nailers are created specifically for roofing projects, other brad nailers are suited for upholstery kind of projects, and others still are useful for more “general” crafts and DIY projects.

Next you’re going to need to decide what kind of “power plant” your nailer will use

Again, you’re going to find all different kinds of power plants available in the new learn industry, ranging from pneumatic systems that use compressed air to shoot the brads into a construction material to electronic or gas powered nail guns that some find to be far more portable but a little bit more expensive to run.

Again, it’s going to come down to personal preference and what you’re looking to get out of this nailer purchase when selecting the power plant that you should use. Pneumatic guns can be useful if you have a lot of other pneumatic nail guns that you use on a regular basis – as you won’t have to purchase specific fuel cells or batteries to run your brad nailer.

At the exact same time, you might want to invest in an electric nailer or a gas firing nailer, just because they are later and more portable than a pneumatic system. You won’t have to worry about hoses, you won’t have to worry about air compressors, you’ll just have to load up a fuel cell or fresh battery and get cracking.

Finally, it’s time to start looking at special features or other benefits that different nailers bring to the table

Last but not least, you’ll want to look into the specific special features or benefits that different nailers bring to the table. Some brad nailers will come with all different kinds of aiming systems, laser levels, “ammunition” tracking capabilities, and all kinds of other features – and many of them will be as bare-bones as humanly possible.

It’s really up to you to decide exactly what kind of special features you’d want to invest in, but the one that you’ll probably find most useful – and the one that most people find to be immensely valuable – is having a built-in lighting system at the end of the nailer itself. This lets you make sure that you’re hitting your mark every single time, even in cramped spaces that have less than ideal lighting.

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