How To Use a Brad Nailer Properly

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How To Use a Brad Nailer Properly

How To Use a Brad Nailer Properly

Completing a home improvement project will most assuredly take the use of a great set of tools; and if you have carpentry to finish, then you will want to have a great brad nailer in your inventory. However, simply possessing one will not get you very far, especially if you have no idea how to use a brad nailer properly. In order to stay safe and productive, then you will want to know how to do this, lest you hurt yourself of fudge your project because you were unsure.

how to use a brad nailer properly

  1.  First, you will want to inspect your tool. Before getting started on anything with power tools, it is exceptionally wise to check out the mechanism before you start. Make sure your brad nailer is free from operational defects or safety issues. Take a moment to look for cracks and loosened fasteners on the tip, on the handle, and upon the body of the machine.
  2.  Next, you should attach the brad nailer to the proper air supply if it is pneumatic. There are several options for air supply that are compatible with a brad nailer; so finding something that works should be relatively easy. You can use an air hose, an air compressor, a Co2 cartridge, and even a battery. If it is a cordless brad nailer, then you should be able to skip this step.
  3.  Now it is time to test out your brad nailer. Use a solid piece of scrap lumber if possible, and make sure that your tool is working properly. Your brad nailer should easily penetrate the wood; but if it does not, then you can try to adjust the depth screw that is usually found at the tip of the tool. If that does not solve the problem, then chances are you have a brad nailer that is malfunctioning and it may not be safe to use it.
  4.  Keep yourself safe at all times. When you are securing to pieces of material at a joint with your brad nailer, you should always be sure that you have a firm grip on the object you are nailing. Be sure you hold it in place, and do not let go. It is also imperative that you keep your hands out of the way, lest you injure yourself in the process.
  5.  Squeeze the trigger with confidence. If you are trying to join two pieces of material, it is important that you have control of the object and your tools as well, especially before you pull the trigger. Once you are sure that you do, then pull away. You should allow the brad nail to penetrate the object before you move. A good rule of thumb is to count to 2 before continuing your work.

If you follow these simple steps, then you should have good luck when working with a brad nailer, regardless of your project specifications. Of course, practice makes perfect; so get out there and learn how to use a brad nailer properly. Safety is crucial!

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