Senco FinishPro 18MG Brad Nailer Review

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Senco FinishPro 18MG Brad Nailer Review
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Senco FinishPro 18MG Brad Nailer

Even if you really do not have any prior experience with brad nailers, but if they are all as easy to use as the Senco FinishPro brad nailer, then you may have just found a new hobby. You can go from fiddling with broken picture frames to installing hardwood flooring with just one use. There is really no learning process involved. You know you have a quality product in your hands as soon as you pick it up; and your instinct will be confirmed when you begin using it for your projects.

Simple And Convenient Operation

The operation was simple; and you will probably never get a jam. Even after running thousands of brads through your Senco FinishPro, won’t ever have to stop to fix a malfunction. You will find the fact that the depth of the nail can be adjusted. However, it is so simple to use that you seldom have to change anything on the tool. You will be relieved by the fact that you can easily load and unload nails when it was time to switch sizes. This makes it extremely time efficient, and also saves on your patience level (which may already be very low).

SENCO FinishPro  18MG, 2- 1.8 inch 18-Gauge Brad Nailer review

SENCO FinishPro 18MG, 2- 1.8 inch 18-Gauge Brad Nailer

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Lightweight Longevity

Consumers are very pleased with the durability of the tool, and equally as excited to pick up its lightweight frame to complete all of their carpentry projects. It just seems that this tool is going to last for a very long time. I am assured that the variable exhaust will keep the tool running cool and smooth for years to come.

The non-abrasion foot works quite well; and there are no complaints there either. It really comes in handy to have the dual-action trigger when you are working, and you will have no qualms with the mechanism. In fact, the whole tool continues to be quite easy to use, not without mentioning the perfectly formed ergonomic design.

Quality And Safety

You will be surprised when you receive your Senco FinishPro brad nailer and see that it comes with a sturdy carrying case! Rather than carry your brad nailer with you everywhere you go in an unsafe way, you are able to pack it securely in the case and bring it along without worry of it (or something else) becoming damaged. Apparently, the solid reputation that Senco has it well-deserved.

What’s more is that this particular, high-quality brad nailer operates in an oil-free manner. This is especially nice when dealing with wood products. You will never have to worry about oil contamination on neither your projects nor the environment. You are able to use nails up to size 2-1/8-inch; surely a heavy duty job without the heavy duty mess.

Final Verdict

All in all, I would recommend the Senco FinishPro brad nailer to anyone who was in the market for a new one. I would tell them that they could easily replace their outdated, clunky, messy brad nailers of the past for new, state-of-the-art carpentry equipment. It is not ordinary for a product THIS cheap, to be so good, yet it is definitely in the top 3 brad nailers we have ever used, amazing!

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